Theao - Cute again:)

The new MW Ilweran elven ears set THEAO is cute and lovely. Comes with natur and freckles variation and with optional crossed bandaids. Its good for a boys and the kids too, if they want something special:)

General information
- 3 version (natural, freckles, and crossed band-aids version )
- attached as separate right and left ear, so you can wear in many variations
- size control with scripted menu
- free angle positioned ears
- new upgraded skin control menu

How can use:

- rezz it the box, copy the items in your inventory, and wear them
- for modify the skin colour please use the colour changer HUD (wear and choose the skintone, and save the tone)
- click on your new ears and use the resize menu for the best size
- if you need to prevent the problems, please take a copy for these items before use them
- you can change the size and the colour with one touch on your new ears
- for the best result, choose the minimum ears' size at the avatar appearance menu.

You can buy from the marketplace or please visit us for the demos and for more new items the *MW ilweran*shop inworld! :)